Learning Unlimited (Oxford) 

provides a biannual lecture series for older adults designed to stimulate interest and increase knowledge on a wide variety of topics. Spring and Fall terms are held on consecutive Wednesdays 10:00 am-2:30 pm.

Pandemic Update (October 2021)

All  sessions of Learning Unlimited (Oxford) have been terminated.

Due to personal safety concerns your Executive has suspended Learning Unlimited (Oxford) until the local health authorities once again approve large, in-person gatherings.

 We continue to monitor the situation and will be in touch when we see the first opportunity for a safe reopening.

We will be making a further web announcement in January 2022 based on any announced changes to proof of vaccination and mask wearing by Ontario health authorities.

Typical LearningUnlimited Lecture

When Learning Unlimited (Oxford) reopens for in-person meetings we will have a new home. Your Executive is working on several options and we'll announce details of the new location prior to recommencing our regular Fall and Spring sessions