Ladies and Gentlemen,                                                                                   May 23rd 2022


Transition of Learning Unlimited (Oxford) to South Gate Centre.

            A survey of previous attendees of Learning Unlimited (Oxford), conducted earlier this year, indicated overwhelming support for continuation of the programs we have offered and you have enjoyed since 1982. The advent of Covid 19, the suspension of in-person gatherings and the unavailability of the Unifor hall on Beale St. in Woodstock challenged us to find a post-pandemic solution.

            We are pleased to advise you that future Learning Unlimited (Oxford) seasonal programs will be offered at South Gate Centre at 191 Old Wellington St. S. in Woodstock. Many of you will already be members and are aware of their building expansion plans due for completion in late 2023. This expanded, fully accessible facility will eventually enable us to return to “business as usual” with some minor changes as noted below.

            Existing South Gate Centre is fully accessible now and meeting facilities have a maximum capacity of 160 people. If we restart our program in late 2022 or early 2023, it will be necessary to restrict enrollment to this number and registrations will therefore be handled on a first-come, first-served basis. When the expanded facility is complete, we can return to a full complement of attendees. There may also be variations on the day our meetings are held due to prior event bookings at the Centre.

     Although the traditional Learning Unlimited (Oxford) program will continue, there will be changes in the registration process that will now be handled by the Centre. Details are being finalized and, while mail registrations will continue, there will be a transition to on-line registration and payment that you will be encouraged to use for reasons of cost and convenience.

To protect your privacy the current Learning Unlimited (Oxford) contact list cannot be shared with South Gate Centre so it will be necessary for you to register anew directly with the Centre once the new registration process is launched.

For safety and security reasons, access to future meetings will require electronic credentials that will be issued to you upon successful program registration. This will prevent unregistered walk-ins and enable the Centre to perform a roll call in the event of an emergency evacuation of the premises.

South Gate Centre has modern catering facilities to provide beverages, snacks and lunch with greater choice than we have previously been able to offer. All food items will require payment. Lunch prices are currently $8.  Desserts will be available for purchase and coffee will be complimentary. To reduce and reuse, you are welcome to bring your own beverage mug/glass.

The current Learning Unlimited (Oxford) website and email address will be cancelled and a section added to the “Programs” page of South Gate Centre’s website to allow on-line registration and general inquiries (www.southgatectr/programs). We encourage you to make use of this convenient resource and save it in your web browser “Favourites”.

Seasonal enrollment fees will rise to $40, a $10 increase over the 2019 season. You do not have to be a member of South Gate Centre to attend Learning Unlimited (Oxford) sessions but, if you are, the seasonal fee will remain at $30. We believe the additional convenience of the Centre including improved accessibility, state of the art audio-visual and more comfortable seats will more than offset the enrollment fee increase.

For your convenience, a preregistration form for future Learning Unlimited (Oxford) sessions is attached. Please complete all details and return to the address shown on the form. Do not remit any payment yet. This will enable us to contact you once we are ready to relaunch and start the formal registration process. In addition, announcements on social media, the local press, the Centre newsletter and by telephone will be made.  As mentioned previously it may be necessary to restrict attendance to 160 on a first-come, first-served basis but all early-bird registrations will be retained pending return to full meeting complement. No personal information will be shared with third parties.

Learning Unlimited (Oxford) looks forward to partnering in the growth and success of the South Gate Centre while continuing with our founders’ commitment to life-long learning in a safe, comfortable and highly social environment.


Yours sincerely,

Ken Westcar 

President, on behalf of the Board.